We Are Different!


Beautiful Facility

Simple. Clean. Hip.
Our space is always evolving!

Easy Experience

Our smiling Greeter will offer a warm welcome.  Feel free to browse for a few moments while we gather your paperwork.

Integrated Everything

Each piece of your visit is seamlessly interconnected.  Data gathering, Insurance, Workup, Visit with the Doctor, and Optical Consultation are designed to be easy interactions!


What to Expect

Pre-Approved Insurance

Before your visit we will contact your insurance for all the required pre-approvals.  We will reach out to you if we bump into any hiccups.

Secure Cloud Features

Our Patient Portal offers secure scheduling, appointment reminders, 24/7 access to statements, and secure messaging.


We recognize that you have other things to do and that going to the doctor is inconvenient.  Our goal is to see you on-time AND minimize the time you spend on-campus.  We're not perfect, but this remains our TOP priority!

Incredible Technology

We carefully plan improvements and technology upgrades to offer you the best value and the best care available.

No Air Puff!

Glaucoma is a big deal.  We're very good at diagnosing, treating and managing glaucoma.  We are also proud to do so without the air puff!  Easier, faster, better!

Advanced Testing (Optional)

Our doctors are fantastic, but through the use of technology, we can be even better!  The machines below (all 3) are offered to our patients as a fast and easy upgrade to their exam for an additionalfee.

Advanced Testing Includes

EIDON Laser Mapping

Centervue Eidon

Richmond's first and only robotic laser camera provides unsurpassed image quality in the least amount of time without the distortion inherent in other SLO imagers.  Less distortion allows us to provide better glaucoma care!

FDT Glaucoma Screening

This 2-minute test helps us detect glaucoma up to 2 years earlier than pressure tests alone.  No air puff or dilation is necessary for this easy test!

AMD Risk Analysis

We now offer the ability for YOU to track your risk of macular degeneration.  More than 70 studies confirm that increasing the amount of protective prigment in your diet ("meso-zeaxanthin") lowers your risk of macular deneration developing or progressing.

Registration Forms

Prior to your appointment please download and fill out the registration forms below.

HIPAA Privacy Practices

This document explains how we keep your private information... private!