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Starting at just $89, we carry frames and brands that appeal to all budgets! Our commitment is to only offer brands that are authentic, unique and of the highest quality.

Each of our frames is brand-new (vs LensCrafters), this season's style (vs Costco), and backed by our 12-mo warranty (vs Costco, Eyemart and Walmart).

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Onsite LAB
Onsite LAB
Onsite LAB

We are proud to manufacture most of our eyewear on-site, employing our community to help everyone look, see and feel their best! In the rare case of a repair, we are able to service most frames using our broad selection of eyewear-specific tools and parts!


Eye health and protection is important to you and us! Sunglasses help protect the eye and the sensitive skin around your eyes from harmful UV and blue light!

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Seriously clear vision requires seriously awesome physics. We're on it!

Modern lenses REQUIRE modern measurements. A "PD" is for 1970's lens technology. We utilize a VisiOffice2 to measure eye center of rotation, vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, wrap angle, head cape, and more!

We are pleased to offer name-brand, modern technology lenses for every style and prescription. We offer:
  1. EyeZen+ Enhanced Single Vision Lenses
  2. Varilux Comfort W2+ and Varilux X custom progressive/no-line lenses
  3. 1.74 Hi-Index lenses - the thinnest FDA-approved lens
  4. Transitions Signature and XTRActive intelligent lenses
  5. BluTech protective lenses
  6. Crizal non-glare ultra-durable lenses
...AND we accept and file your insurance for you!
Reward Program
Reward Program
Reward Program


We are excited to introduce the opportunity to earn and enjoy discounts and rewards for being one of our treasured clients!

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An Alternative to Stronger Glasses

Myopia by the numbers

Increase in Myopia in the USA since 1971
0 Billion
People with Myopia by 2020
0 yo
when we've seen Myopia start
of urban Asian children suffer from Myopia



Myopia is Nearsightedness

Nearsightedness (myopia) is a common vision condition diagnosed during a basic eye exam. For those who are nearsighted, objects that are farther away appear blurry. Myopia is caused by genetics, as well as other environmental factors. For instance, staring at any object for too long can cause the eye to elongate — it’s this elongation that leads to myopia.

Fixing vs Preventing

Eyeglasses and contact lenses fix blurry vision.  So does LASIK.  We all understand that.

None of those PREVENT nearsightedness.  Overnight Vision Correction (OVC/Ortho-K) reduces the progression of myopia in children by 50-70%.

How We Prevent Myopia

Imagine a world in which you place retainers at night before bed.  In the morning, you remove the lenses and enjoy clear vision all day long. The hassles of glasses and contact lenses - glare, dryness, rain, fog, sweat, sore spots, inconsistent vision - are eliminated.

FDA-Approved Overnight Vision Correction retainers offer a much more natural vision because no lens is being worn during your daytime hours. This therapeutic contact lens gently reshapes the cornea while you sleep to temporarily correct nearsightedness. Upon waking and removing the lenses, you will experience clearer vision without glasses or contact lenses throughout the day.

The Consequences of Untreated Myopia

When left undiagnosed and untreated, myopia (nearsightedness) can lead to a host of complications, such as reduced ability to learn, and later in life:

  • Cataracts tend to develop sooner in nearsighted eyes.
  • Nearsighted people are 2 to 3 times more likely to get glaucoma.
  • Myopia increases the risk of retinal detachment.

We can perform a simple examination to determine if the vision issues you’re experiencing are caused by myopia — and put a treatment plan in place that may prevent further complications associated with myopia.

Symptoms of Myopia

HEADACHES from excessive eyestrain
DIFFICULTY DRIVING, especiall at night
FEELING FATIGUED during sports or driving
BLURRY VISION when looking at distant objects
SQUINTING or partially closing the eyelids to see clearly

Am I a candidate?

We offer Overnight Vision Correction to the following patients:
  • 6-35yo (and later if already wearing)
  • Prescription "sphere" between +1.00 and -6.00
  • Prescription "cylinder" up to -2.00

Hard-to-Fit Contacts

Dry Eye

Dry Eye
In addition to keeping up with the dozens of specialty lenses that work best with eyes that are dry, we offer a holistic and whole-body approach to reducing the inflammation that causes dry eye.  Eliminating toxic chemicals from your lens cleaners and increasing your Omega-3 intake are two of the MANY options we can help you find to bring back quality of life!

Poor Vision & Keratoconus

We are experts at helping patients with keratoconus and distortion after trauma or surgery to attain the clearest and most comfortable vision possible - often helping to avoid future surgeries, too!

High Prescriptions

Other than "prism," we have yet to find a prescription that is unavailable in contact lenses!  We're up to the challenge!

LASIK - Laser Vision Correction


We partner with your surgeon!

Choosing to have LASIK means you have decided to invest in your eyesight.  Laser vision correction can improve your vision (crisper) and reduce your dependence on glasses and contact lenses.

Before your procedure, your surgeon will rely on us to verify the eye is health and the prescription is stable enough for surgery.  Our parterns utilize OUR prescription to verify THEIR equipment!

After your successful procedure, we step in to ensure you are healing properly and to protect your eye health!  Prompt detection allows for prompt treatment... pluse we love to be jealous of your success!

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